Drug Possession Penalties Changed For The Good

From the Hartford Courant:

The state took a major step away from failed war-on-drugs policies with the passage Monday of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s “Second Chance Society” measure. The law reclassifies most drug possession crimes as misdemeanors and streamlines the process for paroles and pardons.

Read more: http://www.courant.com/opinion/editorials/hc-ed-second-chance-passes-20150630-story.html

New Connecticut DUI law goes into effect July 1st

From WTNH:

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Starting July 1, all Connecticut residents who have their license suspended after being charged with operating under the influence will be required to install a breathalyzer on the ignition of their car. The device used to be required after a second offense.

The breathalyzer, known as an ignition interlock device (IID), requires the driver to blow a breath sample into a tube in order for their car to start.

“If they blow in and it’s under the limit that’s set, then they can start their car,” said Skip Church, who lost his 18-year-old son, Dustin, to a drunk driving accident in 2004.

Read more: http://wtnh.com/2015/06/30/new-connecticut-dui-law-goes-into-effect-july-1st/



EB-5 Visas

Our firm is one of the only firms in the State of Connecticut that represents clients in EB-5 immigrant investor visas. Please give us a call and come in for a consultation if you are interested in obtaining a green card through the immigrant investor program.

Reality Check: three quarters of the American public supports the goals behind the President’s executive action on immigration.

From The Atlantic:

“On immigration reform, rhetoric has often been out of sync with public opinion. Despite roughly three-quarters of Americans supporting the goals behind President Obama’s executive action on immigration, Obama’s new immigration plan has run into repeated Republican roadblocks. Republican governors in 26 states are suing the Obama administration, claiming that the order exceeded Obama’s authority. A Republican-appointed judge in Texas ruled in favor of the GOP governors and issued an injunction halting the policy’s implementation. Republican congressional leaders are pursuing a parallel track to block the implementation of the executive action. GOP lawmakers have set up a partisan showdown by attaching riders to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill that would defund Obama’s executive action on immigration. That bill, or a continuing resolution, must pass this week in order for DHS to remain open.”

Original article: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/02/what-americans-actually-think-about-immigration/386036/

Our Recent Press Release About Being One of the First (If Not The First) Law Firm In CT to Receive A Green Card Approval for Same Sex Clients

October 25, 2013 

For Immediate Release

After almost a year of waiting, and after two summary denials by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”), we are pleased to announce that the Immediate Relative Petition and the Application for Adjustment of Status that was filed by our clients Gary Wanderlingh and Samuel Conlon were re-opened on August 1, 2013 and approved by the USCIS on October 11, 2013.  On behalf of our clients, we are extremely happy in knowing that Gary and Sam were one of the first—if not the first—gay couple who had their immediate relative petitions granted by the USCIS in the State of Connecticut.

We wish to thank those who offered their support and assistance throughout Gary and Sam’s year long ordeal.  Although by no means an exhaustive list, we would like to specifically thank Senator Richard Blumenthal and his staff, specially Mr. Anton Goldblatt, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty and her staff, Attorney Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law for all the support and assistance that they offered our office and our clients.

Upon hearing of the approval of our clients’ immigration petitions, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, who had met and spoken to Sam and Gary of various occasions, issued this comment:

“Since I met Gary and Sam this past spring, I have been continuously inspired by their strength and perseverance,” Esty said. “I’m thrilled that Gary and Sam can enjoy married life without fear of unjust immigration laws, and I am so proud to stand with them in the fight for true equality for all families.”

Similarly, Senator Richard Blumenthal, who had also met and spoken to Gary and Sam, and whose office was instrumental in the processing of this application, issued this comment:

“I am so pleased to see that Sam and Gary’s petition has been granted, finally providing this couple the immigration rights and security that all married couples are due.  The swift reconsideration of petitions from same-sex couples in the wake of DOMA’s repeal was the right thing to do as a matter of law and humanitarian justice. I will continue to work to ensure the full end to all of the harmful vestiges of DOMA’s discriminatory regime.”

We respectfully ask the USCIS to expeditiously adjudicate all other previously denied and delayed same sex immediate relative petitions so that the legal uncertainty in those other families can be alleviated so that they can also move on with their lives.

Kevin E. Dehghani, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Conservative Coalition Presses House Republicans to Act on Immigration

From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — With immigration re-emerging as the topic of focus in Washington, an unusual coalition of business executives, Republican Party activists and evangelical leaders will descend on Capitol Hill early next week to pressure House Republicans to pass their own legislation.

“Doing nothing is not the answer,” said Glenn McCall, a retired banker and a Republican National Committee leader from South Carolina, who will be in Washington as part of the lobbying event. “We have done that, and you can see where we are.”

The debate threatens to create another schism in the Republican Party and to further alienate a major source of campaign contributions; several corporate executives interviewed this week said they were considering withholding donations from lawmakers who get in the way.

The push to bring immigration legislation to the House floor comes only weeks after House conservatives alienated many longtime supporters — including much of corporate America — by trying to block financing for President Obama’s health care law, a move widely blamed for the government shutdown.

House Republican leaders, including Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the majority leader, among others, support taking up their own immigration legislation this year, given that the Senate has already passed a comprehensive bill.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/26/us/politics/conservative-coalition-presses-house-republicans-to-act-on-immigration.html?hp

Philadelphia man gets 16 years for stealing credit cards while crawling on Connecticut theater floors

From the New Haven Register:

HARTFORD >> A Philadelphia man who authorities say crawled along movie theater floors to steal credit cards from women’s purses has been sentenced in federal court in Connecticut to 16 years in prison.

Anthony Johnson was convicted last year of multiple counts of credit card theft and identity theft.

Prosecutors say the 50-year-old Johnson stole credit cards from moviegoers at theaters in Greenwich, Fairfield and Colchester between 2008 and 2010.

Authorities say he and female accomplices would then use sophisticated computer equipment to make fake driver’s licenses with the victim’s name and an accomplice’s photo. They then used the stolen credit cards to buy tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing, jewelry and electronics, and for gambling.

Johnson also was sentenced Thursday to three years of probation upon release.

Link: http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20131025/philadelphia-man-gets-16-years-for-stealing-credit-cards-while-crawling-on-connecticut-theater-floors

Accident Victim Walks Away With Over $500,000

From the CT Law Tribune

Dimitrios Stefanidis v. Sherry M. Black and Francis D. Black: A man who was rear-ended in traffic and ended up with a neck and back injury, was awarded $470,000 recently by a Superior Court jury in Stamford.

Dimitrios Stefanidis, 37, who was driving a Mercedes sedan, was rear-ended while stuck in slowed traffic on Interstate 95 by a vehicle driven by Sherry M. Black. According to a press release from the law firm representing Stefanidis, Black failed to keep a proper lookout and to maintain an appropriate distance between the vehicles.

Stefanidis, meanwhile, suffered permanent injuries to his neck and back. Specifically, doctors discovered that Stefanidis had a herniated disc in his neck and another bulging disc in his low back. His doctors claim he will need surgery in his lower back to repair the disc herniation.

Stefanidis was employed as a car salesman at the time of the crash. He now claims the injuries have significantly impaired his ability to earn a living.

Stefanidis hired attorney William M. Davoren, of Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin & Kuriansky in Stamford, who sued Black and the owner of the car she was driving for negligence. Davoren did not return messages seeking comment for this article.

Read more: http://www.ctlawtribune.com/PubArticleCT.jsp?id=1202623289326&kw=Accident%20Victim%20Walks%20Away%20With%20Over%20%24500%2C000&et=editorial&bu=Connecticut%20Law%20Tribune&cn=20131017&src=EMC-Email&pt=Connecticut%20Law%20Tribune%20Daily%20Briefing&slreturn=20130917115002#ixzz2hzlUvQfJ

Dehghani & Associates in the news

From USA Today:

SOMERS, N.Y. — The Supreme Court case about the challenge to the federal definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman does not have middle school art teacher Gary Wanderlingh’s name on it.

But it might as well.

After all the setbacks the 44-year-old Somers native has suffered since he married a British man in Connecticut in 2011, the best chance Wanderlingh has to sponsor his husband’s immigration to the United States rests on the hope of a Supreme Court vote to declare the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

Link to the original article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/06/20/citizenship-at-issue-for-gay-couple-in-court-ruling/2444161/