School Disciplinary Proceedings

School disciplinary proceedings can be tough, both on the student and the parents. Often times these proceedings take place under vague rules that are put together by the board of education which are designed to provide maximum protection to school officials at the expense of the accused student. At times these rules ignore, or infringe upon, the student’s educational rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the State of Connecticut. At times, disciplinary hearings are convened in haste and without following proper legal procedures. All of this can result in an adverse result against the student which can prevent him/her from attending school and can result in the creation of an adverse educational record for the student.

School districts spend tens of thousands of dollars on high priced lawyers to protect themselves in disciplinary proceedings. For that reason, it is important for you and your child to have the advice of a competent attorney who knows the law in this field, and who can navigate the complex web of administrative traps and hurdles that are present in these proceedings. You need an aggressive lawyer who is not afraid to challenge the school district and to take the school to court if school officials violate your child’s constitutionally guaranteed right to education in the State of Connecticut. That is precisely what we do. We are not afraid to confront the school, to investigate the case, to present witnesses and other evidence, and should the need arises, take the school to court to protect your child’s rights.

So remember, if your child is facing disciplinary proceedings, the first person you should call for advice is a lawyer with knowledge of that area of law. We hope we can be the ones you call on.